10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set by BrylaneHome.com #HolidayGiftGuide


Everybody loves a good and tasty home cooked meal. Some may even prefer a good home meal more than going out to a fancy restaurant. Cooking is also a fantastic hobby for any food enthusiast as it lets you control your senses and create exactly the kind of things that you enjoy eating.

Unfortunately, just having the ingredients and the desire to cook is not enough. In order to create good quality meal you need to have to good quality cooking utensils. People do say that a workman shouldn’t blame his tools, but in the kitchen, appropriate tools are the key to creating delicious dishes every time… I had the chance to review a 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set by BrylaneHome.com.


This all in one cooking set would look awesome in any kitchen. This 10 piece set of cookware is made of fine stainless steel and each handle is wrapped in silicone to keep cool in the hottest of culinary situations – No more burning your hands or scrambling for oven-gloves!

The set of 10 includes 5 different size cooking pots, and 5 fitting lids for each pot.

The bottoms of the pots are encapsulated to produce evenly distributed heating every time. Low quality pots will not have this and generally only heat the center of the pots which results in burning and overcooking.

Each pot has a perfect fitting glass lid, with small holes to allow steam to escape while keeping all the heat in the pan. The small holes will prevent lids from blowing over in boiling water, like what happens when you forget that the spaghetti is on or the turkey soup! 


All the pots are completely dishwasher safe. And for storage, they all fit perfectly inside each other which is perfect for kitchens with small storage space.

All in all, this 10 set of Stainless steel cookery pots are a great value for what you get. Once buying these it would be safe to say you won’t use any of your other pots again. These pots have a long life expectancy don’t expect to be needing anymore for a long time afterwards!


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