20 Valentine’s Day Kids Craft Idea’s!


Here are some awesome crafts that your kids are going to love! 

Valentine’s Sun Catchers

Valentines for the Birds

Heart Glasses Paper Craft

Secret Message Valentine

Valentine’s Day Critters 

Butterfly Magnet

Heart Map Art Project

Cute Valentine Animals from Paper Tubes

Valentine’s Tic Tac Treats

“Orange You Glad” Valentines

Valentine’s Day Bracelets 

You’re the Bomb Valentine

‘Doh’ You Want To Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher

Duct Tape Heart Bunting

Doily Bleach Print Heart T-Shirt

Heart Candle Wreath


Lollipop Flower Paper Craft

Tic Tac Toe Hearts


You can check out more Valentine’s Day Idea’s Here!

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