6 Safety Tips for Your Trip To Nassau!


Nassau hotels offer one of the best ways to savor your trip to the Bahamas. As with any location, you will find that your trip goes more smoothly when you keep a few safety precautions in mind. Your trip will have far fewer incidents, and you will have lots of fun memories.

1. Be Careful After Dark

Popular resorts like Compass Point Beach Resort are generally safe places to be after dark. Tourist areas usually have a police presence, but it is worth noting that most stores close around 8 or 9 pm. If you’ll be in one of the tourist areas after dark, it is a good idea to consider getting a taxi to take back to your hotel.

2. Don’t Swim Alone

Although the beaches are safe for swimming, it is a good idea to use some common sense precautions. Most of the lifeguards at the beaches leave around 5 pm. If you’ll be there between the time the lifeguards leave and dusk, have someone swim with you. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there are at least a few other people, plus your swimming buddy, around when you head to the beach.

3. Watch for Traffic When Walking

You might find it easy to get around by walking when you decide to leave your hotel. However, you’ll want to use caution when crossing streets frequently used by taxi drivers. Some of them do drive fast and might be distracted by their passengers. always make it a point to look both ways, even when you see several distracting sights.

4. Practice Situational Awareness

Being fully aware of your surroundings will help prevent a lot of possible problems. Make sure you know where you’re going at all times, and don’t get distracted using a mobile device. If you’re paying attention to everything that’s going on, you’ll be less likely to encounter problems.

5. Allow Yourself Adjustment Time When Driving

Many Americans tend to forget the fact that drivers in The Bahamas drive on the left side of the road. Driving on the left side can take some getting used to, especially where making turns are concerned. You can stay safe and avoid dangerous or embarrassing situations by closely paying attention to road signs.

6. Use Caution with Hair Styling

Many tourists enjoy having their hair put into weaves, complete with beads. Because the hair stylists work on hair from so many people, it is possible to contract lice if the combs are not sanitized. Make sure you watch what the stylist does in between customers before having a weave.

Nassau is always an exciting place to visit, but you’ll have a safer trip that is more enjoyable by taking necessary safety precautions. Using common sense, combined with being fully aware of your situation, will make a major difference in whether you have a happy or frustrating trip. When you keep your safety first in mind, it will be easier to get more out of the experience.

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