The Avalaunhcer ™ Snowball Launcher AND Magic Snowball™ Review and NorthPole Giveaway!


Christmas is just around the corner, and so many of us will have snow Christmas morning once. Winter is a special time, but can be even better when the sky drops down its beautiful, white powdery fairy dust. Now thanks to the NorthPole we can all experience this in our homes, regardless of the outside weather… Time to turn your living room into a Winter Wonderland this Christmas.

The Avalaunhcer ™ Snowball Launcher:

This fun winter themed gadget is claimed to of been made by the Christmas elves over in the NorthPole, and who are we to argue that?! The Avalauncher is shaped like a hand held canon, is blue, and has the ability to shoot compressed air which launches out the custom made snowballs. The balls are soft and are perfect for a friendly, inside snowball battle (proving you first hide the Christmas fine china first) and are a nice, manageable size at 2 inches in diameter.


The Avalauncher comes with 3 snowflake targets which have scoring systems on them, 3 of the soft snowballs, and of course the avalanche launcher. I’m sure you can picture several boys, or men (boys in disguise) in your family who would love to receive one of these in their stocking this year. Experience the fun of family snowball fights no matter what climate you live in!

Magic Snowball™

If you are wanting to experience a white Christmas this year without necessarily having to launch snowballs out of a cannon, you can always go for the Magic Snowball by NorthPole. It is a cute, soft and fluffy Christmas themed snowball, a perfect decoration for the top of your tree, a stocking, or just hanging around the house for a bit of extra entertainment.


The adorable snowball contains built in LED lights that changes to all different colors. These snow balls are very reasonable price which is yet another reason why your home should have a “snowy” Christmas regardless of the weather outside!

You can check out all the awesome NorthPole products online or I have found a HUGE selection at Walmart.

Now it is your chance to win a NorthPole Prize Pack! Enter below it is easy. You have to be 18+ to enter and live in the US!

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