Back-To-School $100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway! — 44 Comments

  1. I would use the extra money to out towards buying some new blanket set & pillows for my kids rooms. They need a upgrade for colder weather coming.

  2. Summer is full on and we have another flea problem due to stray cats..will get stuff for the yard..and gosh it is expensive..with what is left over groceries

  3. Only shop one stop shopping in Walmartlove food drugs toieltries Their baked goods I been Shopping there since I moved From Back East Only place we can afford So winning this Walmart gift card for food Back to school clothes shoe socks underwear My son has grown iam unempolrd hubby sick no extrs $$ be BLESSING I Would not stay up all night to enter Having hope hile apply for jobs too..

  4. I would spend it on my daughter for school clothes. If I had any left over I would share it with my niece and her daughter who is starting kindergarten.

  5. ~ A little bit of this and a little bit of that. College bound only child …empty nest syndrome takeover, so she’ll be needing some spruce me ups for her room and I’ll need some TLC…maybe some chocolate, a new movie, a new outfit… I do believe they may even sell wine, and I don’t drink. So, a day out shopping will keep me smiling for awhile. ~

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