How to Become Beautiful in 4 Simple Steps!



Nowadays, a lot of women prefer taking the easy way out when it comes to their appearance. Instead of taking the slow meticulous approach, a lot of us prefer getting a botox or a surgery. Truth be told, you can be beautiful by simply taking care of yourself. By having a proper daily routine, you can ensure that your face, skin and hair always remain in perfect shape regardless of your age.

Here are some easy tips which will safeguard your health and appearance.

Getting a lot of sleep

There is a good reason why people use the term “beauty sleep”. If you are a layman, you probably think that a good sleep is only important for removing bags under your eyes. That is wrong. A lot can be accomplished by simply sleeping properly. First of all, good night sleep is necessary for your brain. It allows it to relax thus reducing the stress on your body. Your body will appear much more calm and loose due to this. It also helps with energy and circulation which in terms will impact your skin. More blood will flow into your vessels making the skin appear red and healthy. Lastly, sleep affects your muscles. It is known that sleep deprivation can lead to muscle loss and muscle tension. Both of them are bad for you and your appearance. So, get some sleep! Next time you look yourself in the mirror (check the collection of Hollywood Mirrors), hanging of the wall, it will be the only thing hanging.

Dealing with stress

As previously mentioned sleep affects your muscles and reduces overall stress on your body and mind. Even with a good rest, there are still some things in your life which can cause stress and disturbance. Needless to say, stress is one of the most common causes of disease leading to various psychosomatic issues. In terms of appearance, stress will cause a lot of issues to your body. Part of your overall energy will be lost just to deal with it. If you get sick due to it, the effect will be even more debilitating. When it comes to day-to-day routine, enormous amount of stress can have a disastrous impact on your looks. Facial muscles will start spazzing out involuntary making you look much worse than you actually are. Trust me; there is no make-up which can cover this. If you work in a space that is highly illuminated (such as banks and offices) this will become even more apparent.

Proper use of make-up

The sad truth is that most women do not know how to use make-up properly. Even if you have read all the fashion magazines in the world, you still might be doing some small blunders which can affect your appearance. First of all, use of make-up is not universal. It is individual. Although there are some general rules leading you though the process, it all comes down to how you pull something off. Choice of make-up will vary based on your body and facial features as well as your hair and clothes. Finding the proper combinations is much more important than having expensive clothes and make-up.

Personal hygiene

I cannot emphasize enough how important personal hygiene is. Some women believe that it is possible to hide their flaws by simply putting a ton of make-up. That is a mistake. Keen eye can always notice if something on you is artificial or excessive. You can accomplish much more by simply washing your face in the morning. It will make you much fresher and it will go a long way. While expensive make-up can provide a short term solution, it will slowly destroy your skin. Furthermore, natural look is really trendy as of late. So, perfect hygiene with just a touch of make-up is the right thing for you.

Lastly, make sure to be consistent. Beauty isn’t something that comes over night. It is a long and arduous process which needs to be implemented each and every day. However, the results will be amazing. Unlike surgeries and heavy use of make-up, natural solutions go a long way. They will protect your body and mind for a longer period of time making you look amazing even in your fifties and sixties!

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