~10’x10′ Wood Gazebo Review

I know summer is just about over, but getting new outdoor furniture and play things is always fun!  Plus, there’s at least a few months before the snow hits some places, and other places, you can enjoy the outdoors anytime!
I’ve always wanted a great Gazebo, and thanks to, I finally got one!  We received the 10′ x 10′ Wood Gazebo.  It’s made of Indonesian Melandi hard wood frame with a great trellis design.
 This gazebo covers 100 square feet, so it’s great for small parties, or just a get together with great friends.  The ceiling is 8 1/2 feet tall, so even your tall friends should fit under, without having to duck in and out, or stand with their knees locked!  
As you can see I had 2 guys putting this together for me, but I have to say it really didn’t take them very long. It really did go together very easily for them!
 The Wood Gazebo should be set up in the yard, and is fire retardant, and water resistant.  It’s also double vented for a great shady spot to read a book, and better air circulation.  Guide wires and ground stakes are included with your purchase to be sure that your gazebo is stable, and won’t blow over.  The canopy also features rain gauge holes so that water drains easily, and it keeps it’s stability.  I also like that the canopy is attached by bungee cord straps so if it gets windy there is leeway with it so that it will not rip. We have had some very strong winds this last week or so, seeing I live right on Lake Erie and this Gazebo is still standing strong! This by far is the best Gazebo I have ever owned! 
 If you’re looking for a great new piece of patio furniture, or anything else for your home, is the place to go.  Easily type in what you’re looking for, find the perfect piece, and order it, all from the comfort of your home!  No need to go out into the crowds, and you can do all of this in your jammies!

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