Crown Reef Resort~Myrtle Beach! Everything You Need in One Great Place!

Crown Reef Resort

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is such a fun tourist town and the perfect destination for your vacations. And, if you want to stay on the beach and have amazing amenities right at your fingertips, there is no better place to stay than at the Crown Reef Beach Resort and Water Park.

Crown Reef Resort

We had the chance to stay at this amazing resort recently, and it totally exceeded anything we could have imagined. Our room was incredible. We had a two-bedroom suite with a kitchenette and even had a full-size refrigerator. It was perfect because my husband and I had our own room, and our son pulled the bed out of the wall and had his own room. The service at the hotel was impeccable as well. Our room was cleaned daily, and the employees were on the ball at all times. I never once felt nervous about my son taking part in any of the water activities because there were a lot of security on duty. They were everywhere, which is really comforting to a mom.



I loved that our room included a kitchenette so we could cook if we wanted to. But, there was absolutely no need to cook because there are several restaurants on site. You can choose from Loco Gecko Restaurant; the Grab ‘n Go Grill and Coffee Bar;  and Town Center, which is home to a quick service restaurant (think fast food). The food was fantastic. My favorite meal was the fried shrimp, which was much different than I’ve had before because it was breaded with crushed potato chips I think. And, one of the best perks about dining on-site is that you can grab your food and take it right out to the beach to enjoy as you watch the ocean.




Yes, one of the best features about this hotel is that it’s right on the beach. You walk right outside, and you’re there. My husband loved that and the fact that the water was so warm the best. But, when you want a break from the sand and salt water, you can enjoy the various water activities the resort has to offer. Not only are there four pools to enjoy (two large outdoor pools and two indoor pools), but this hotel is one of just a few in Myrtle Beach that has its own waterpark! It was SO much fun, and my son had a blast on the water slides. The water park is nearly 40 feet above the ground and includes the Explosion Tube Slide, a 278-foot long two-person tube waterslide; the Twister Body Slide, a 302-foot long single-person waterslide; and Salty’s Splash House, which features giant dump buckets, a KIDZ Twister Slide and a silly sub. I love that there’s something for everyone so no one (especially the kiddos) has to feel left out.




I’m pretty sure my son could have spent our entire trip in the water park going down those water slides over and over. And, really, it was super fun for us adults, too, but I have to admit that my favorite feature at the resort was the Lazy River. You float down a 575-foot river in inner tubes, and it is SO relaxing. In fact, it’s so relaxing you could fall asleep laying there!


I cannot wait to go back to Myrtle Beach one day and stay at the Crown Reef Beach Resort and Water Park again. You don’t have to leave at all while you’re there, which really takes so much of the stress out of vacations, which really makes it so much easier to enjoy.

Have any of you ever stayed at this resort before? How did you enjoy your stay?

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