Expandable Utensil Tray From YouCopia!


So I will admit it, my silverware drawer was a mess! I could never find a an organizer that would fit in my drawer and that would stay in place. I have tried a lot. Well I had the chance to review the Expandable Utensil Tray from YouCopia and I was very excited.  


This tray has eight compartments for your utensils, yes I said eight. It measures 15.0″D x 11.5-18.7″W x 2.8″H  so it is pretty large. It fits in a regular drawer and it expands on both sides so that it specifically fits in your drawer. There is room for everything, you will never have a messy drawer again! 


On the bottom of the utensil try it has non-slip feet so that it doesn’t shift or slide in your drawer. It is very easy to put in your drawer, there is no installation. You just have to slide it open to the size of your drawer and set it in. Then you fill it up with all your silverware and your utensils and your all set. 

The Best part of this is the price. It is so affordable. You can get yours here on Amazon for only $15.99. That is a steal, cause it will be the last organizer you will buy. 

You will not be disappointed with this purchase or any purchase from YouCopia. I had in the past also reviewed the Coffee Stack ad still love it years later. I use it every day. There products are all durable and strong and sell a large selection of products to get your kitchen organized. 

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