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Flash Giveaway! — 30 Comments

  1. This article was easy to understand and described it very well. Especially the difference there can be in the autism spectrum between 2 individuals.

  2. I have worked with autistic kids for several years. There is a lot of misinformation out there, glad to see some realism

    Davis P

  3. this article did a great job of explaining what autism is. i've heard people try to explain it. i especially like that it says its a complex disorder

  4. Very informative, I don't know anyone personally that is on the autism spectrum but this article was eye-opening to the fact that anyone may suffer from it and you may not even know because they may be high functioning. Thanks for the article!

  5. I have a nephew with a type of autism, and I've seen the effects it's had on his life and development. Though he was diagnosed early in life and has been receiving proper treatment since he was born.

  6. That was not totally accurate. My son and daughter have severe autism. While they both have severe difficulties in communication, they can form relationships. Saying it's highly unlikely continues the idea that kids with autism are unreachable.

  7. Thanks for the info. I have a friend whose son is Autistic and this article has helped me to understand a bit better.

  8. I have a 15 year old brother who is on the autism spectrum, but is very high functioning. He is often misunderstood and struggles socially. We have worked very hard to help him adapt and grow.

  9. ~Autism~ very interesting and informative. I always find myself very intrigued being around a child with autism. They know of part of the world we do not. Amazing. God gives them something special.

    PS I don't know what the comment as: section refers to below

  10. My best friends works with autistic children at her school. She was just talking to me about the spectrum. This article helped me understand alittle better.

  11. I just saw a show on television the other night about autism. This is something that everyone just read about, people are so uninformed about autism. Those that have autism or have someone in their family that does need to take a stand and those that are so ridiculously uninformed should not speak unless they know what they are speaking about.

  12. very informative. I have a friend who has a teenage son with severe autism and I've seen what she goes through. She is a very loving and strong woman!

  13. This article was very informative. I friend of mine has Autism. I learned that Autism is something hard to get through but you should never give up as there is always hope. ~ Veshani.

  14. LaDonna Buis I have a step daughter that is autistic and hardly speaks to anyone and she is almost 20.. My son soon will be 13 and is autistic and will talk to many people but has major sensory issues and has major outburst…. Its a struggle everyday, but they are both different in sooo many ways…

  15. I have a 11 yr old daughter that has Autism. The article was informative from the outside perspective. I wish they had known more of this information when she was younger. It is such a struggle for both parent and child… Thank you.

  16. It definately is a struggle for those with Autism, and the families involved. A good friend of ours has a son with Autism and his way of communicating is screaming all day – I am sure we would all want to "scream" when we are unable to get our message through to others.

  17. It's amazing – the varying degrees of autism. We have a friend (27) with aspergers and he is sometimes very misunderstood.

  18. The info in the article wasn't really new to me, but I like reading anyway. I've done a lot of reading and research since we believe our son has Asperger Syndrome. He's been getting therapy since the age of 2 to work on his social skills and verbal communication. When he started therapy, his verbal skills were that of a 10 month old, now that he is approaching his 3rd birthday, his verbal skills are at the level of a 2 year old! Still not at his age level, but a HUGE improvement for him! Now that he can communicate better, his tantrums have almost stopped completely. I'm so proud of how far he has come, but I also understand that we still have a long way to go.

  19. Several years ago, I took care of a child with autism. After a few days of learning his way of communication, I enjoyed working with him and the challenges I faced.

  20. Very informative. Would be very difficult to cope as a family even though many families do. They have me admiration!

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