FREE Santa Video From Portable North Pole!


The world famous Santa video messages are back for a 7th holiday season and they are more magical than ever.

My son just received a phone call from Santa. He was amazed! Santa told him that he need to improve his behavior and ever since the phone call he was on his best behavior! All of this was thanks to The Portable North Pole! 


Portable North Pole (PNP) creates the world’s most engaging, personalized Santa video messages. PNP is an enchanted portal that brings Santa Claus into every home around the world to delight children and families. A super milestone will be reached this season, with 100M Santa’s personalized video message views since 2008. And, we’re thrilled to share the exciting news that the PNP experience is now free for everyone.

I have been using the free video option for years! They really do an amazing job. My son is always mesmerized when Santa calls him by name and knows all about him. It is so easy to customize your video. They ask you everything that they need to know so you just answer a few questions and your video is personalized just for your little one! It really is fun! 

My son really loves the Verdict Machine. It shows him how he is doing with his behavior. Sometimes he needs to improve and some times he is off the charts with good behavior and gets so excited! He wants to check it everyday to find out where he is in the Verdict Machine! 

You can head on over and download the FREE Portable North Pole mobile app to personalize video messages, receive calls from Santa, or watch or share your videos on mobile. You can carry the magic of Santa with you everywhere you go!

And if you are intrested in the Premium Package and recieve unlimited phone calls and video’s with more advanced customization’s available, you can us this code and save 20% off your purchase! PROMO CODE: BLG20BKP

PLUS, in the true spirit of giving, the PNP team has pledged to donate 5% of all web sales to kids hospitals in the purchaser’s region. Last year we donated $US75,000 to charity and are hoping to well exceed that figure, this season.



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