Fun things to do with kids this summer!


There are various activities catered to kids this summer.  Instead of just thinking how you can make the summer less boring for the kids, why not think of ways on how you can bond with them as well. Here are some of the activities which kids and parents can both enjoy this summer.

  1. Join a Summer Reading Program.This is a free program which is aimed at encouraging children to read. The program also offers free storytimes, magic shows and other events which children will find really fun.
  2. Join a sports team.  It does not matter what sport. It can be soccer, baseball, basketball or whatever your kid find interesting.  Sports activities teach kids a lot of values such as teamwork and discipline. If you can, you can also offer to be the coach of the team instead of just cheering and shouting from the benches.
  3. Play in the backyard.  You can play with pets, camp in the backyard or jump on a trampoline.
  4. Volunteer.  Volunteering teaches kids a lot of things. It also introduces them to the concept of society and allows them to have better appreciation of the things they have. Volunteering with them not only provides additional bonding time but it also strengthens the kids’ perception of the parents as caring individuals.  Some places where you can volunteer include the libraries, nursing homes, animal shelter and homeless shelters. 
  5. Manage a project. Projects develop kids’ critical thinking and organization. Projects can include setting up a small garden, learning to play a new instrument, learning to use a gadget and many more. 
  6. Start a small business.  This is an opportunity for the parents to teach their kids the value of money while cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset as well. Small business can include a cupcake selling business, babysitting, lawn mowing and other simple services or products.
  7. Help each other out on household chores.  The word “chores” almost have a negative connotation on kids.  But, this can be a fun activity which both kids and parents can enjoy.  Assign a specific task for the kids to do. Align a measure of success and then reward them when they meet or go beyond the expectations. This is a good way to teach kids the concept of responsibility.
  8. Create your own water park. Going to the commercial water parks can be costly. Why not set up one on you backyard?  You just need a garden hose and outdoor kiddie pool. You can add a waterfall sprinkler and homemade slides to add to the fun.       
  9. Watch movies.  Check out the Regal Summer Movie Express offering movie tickets for just $1. You will not only get to watch a good movie, you will also be able to help the Will Rogers Institute.
  10. Explore your State parks. Kids love to explore things and new environments. They marvel at the site of tall trees and other creatures. Cultivate this by joining nature walks on the nearby state parks.

These are just some of the activities which you can explore this summer.  There are those which will cost you a few dollars and some which will cost you almost nothing.  Take advantage of the free programs offered in your community and spend quality time with your kids.


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