Game Day Goodies: How to Save on Your Super Bowl Spread!

1287178070It seems as though the whole country is gearing up for Super Bowl weekend, and perhaps you are no exception! Whether you are keeping your game plan small, or really going big, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and really go over budget! After all, there are so many yummy snacks to enjoy at Super Bowl time!

But this year, don’t fall into that trap! You can still enjoy a fun and filing Super Bowl day feast without breaking your budget! Take a look at these simple tips about how to keep the food fabulous while still staying frugal!

1. Potlucks are your friend. Don’t be afraid of them. One of the easiest things to do is to invite friends to bring a dish to share. You can choose a food theme and have each guest bring an item that fits into this theme. For example, a hot dog or baked potato bar is always a big hit. You supply the hot dogs and potatoes (both are very inexpensive) and have guests bring condiments and toppings. No one will have to spend more than a few bucks for their item and the finished products will be fun and filling.

2. Focus on the munchies! During game time, no one is wanting a sit down dinner. So don’t go through the time or expense of preparing one. Fill baskets and bowls with lots of munchies such as chips, crackers, cheese, veggies sticks, and items that are not only inexpensive but easy to grab and go. People will be moving around, up cheering, etc. so this works out well. Put out small appetizer size plates so people will take a few bites at a time.

3. Get more food bang for your food buck. There are many foods that are great for parties and inexpensive to prepare. Cucumbers and dip, salsa and chips, deviled eggs, pasta salad, and so many dishes more can be whipped up for less than $3.00 each. Guests love these items and you will love that you can make them for just pennies! All are great finger foods as well, letting your guests still be mobile. 

4. Go bottoms up on a budget! For drinks, whip up a simple sparkling punch. These are easy to make and the nice thing is, guests can enjoy it as is or add their own extra ingredients to create the cocktail of their choice. To create your own, just pour ice, a 2 liter of ginger ale, and a 2 liter of punch flavored soda into a large bowl. You can add fresh fruit or optional fruit juices if you wish. Stir well. That’s it!

5. Desserts can still be dashing. Why not whip up a batch of cupcakes frosted like green turf or footballs? Or frosted in team colors? A box of cake mix is usually around $1.00, and frosting can usually be snagged for $2.00 or less. Again, your guests will have a portable treat that can hold in one hand while they cheer with the other!

So as you can see, with a little careful planning you can still feed your Super Bowl party guests on a budget! Your guests will walk away full, and your wallet won’t find itself empty! Now that is a TOUCHDOWN!

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