Gymboree Helps Me Dress My Children in Style for Our Holiday Traditions

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The holidays in our house are quite crazy as I spend hours decorating, baking, and decorating some more. Thankfully, my children and my husband help quite a bit, but these projects can take hours to complete. Of course, at the end, our house looks and smells very similar to the North Pole and we are truly in the holiday spirit for the rest of the season.

I guess that I should go a little more into detail, so that you can truly understand how much we really do. We have seven trees in our home, with the tallest being six feet tall, followed with two four footers, a three-footer, a two-footer, a one-footer, and a Charlie Brown tree. Yes, that is a lot of trees, and I love them all! All of them have decorations on them, and all but two have lights and garland. It’s a lot of work to get all that done. Oh, and then we have nativity sets under most of the trees as well.

On top of that, we also hang lights along the ceiling around the kitchen, hallway, and living room, and then I make my husband hang cute snowflakes from the living room ceiling. Add in the garland around the doors, all the animated decorations, and all the holiday décor that gets hung on the walls. I think it takes approximately twenty hours to get everything up inside our house every year.

Then we need to do the outside… That entails hanging lights and inflating penguins, snowmen, a candy cane archway, and a Christmas train. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are big on Christmas in our house!

When it comes to baking, I wish I could stop at one or two things, but people love my cookies. Therefore, I end up baking at least fifty dozen cookies, although I have a feeling it is usually twice that much. I think I just lose count after a while. In addition to the cookies, I do breads and coffee cakes and pound cakes and cinnamon buns. At least my house smells yummy!


At the end of all this is Christmas Eve, and we always spend it with family and friends. I love how I can count on Gymboree for my children’s clothes. Gymboree’s clothes are dressy, but my children can still move in them easily enough, so I don’t need to worry about them complaining all night long. Plus, I can add cute little holidays accessories like the reindeer headband and bow ballet flats for my daughter and the reindeer hat and skull Santa socks for my boys.

It’s so easy to put these Gymboree outfits together in just a couple of minutes, and we know that I need all the time savings measures I can find at this time of the year. After all, I have decorations to put up and baking to do!! Gymboree clothes can also stand up to the craziness of all our holiday decorating, so I never need to worry about anything getting ruined or destroyed. That means more time for me, because I don’t have to make my children change their clothes or go buy new ones when they ruin an outfit or two.

I’m headed to Gymboree right now to finish my shopping for the holiday season. Will I be seeing you there???

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