Hyland’s Made to Matter! Teething Tablets Were My Savior!



So when my son was a baby he was the most lovable little baby you could ever meet! Except when he was teething! He would be up all night long and we could just never get him settled down. After a week of HE** someone recommended giving Hylands Teething tablets a try. I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. 

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets provide natural and effective relief of pain and irritability from teething in infants. Hyland’s homeopathic formula is specially formulated with natural active ingredients and do not contain benzocaine, artificial flavors, colors or parabens. And it comes in an easy to administer quick-dissolving tablets that instantly melt in baby’s mouth.


I want to tell you all, they worked fantastic. These tablets were so simple to use. My biggest fear when I gave it to him the first time is that my baby boy would choke. But in all reality who would want their baby to choke, right! They dissolved on his tongue very quickly. They also work very quickly. My son would start to calm down You could tell that the pain was going away! It would relax him. I could give him a tablet before bed and he would sleep through the night. These tablets were my savior. I dont know if we would of mad it through teething time with out them!

I have to say to any mom out their with a fussy, teething baby, give Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets a chance! you really wont be sorry you did. 

Ever since I have used and fell in love with the teething tablets, I have started using all Hyland products and they all work so well. I totally feel safe giving them to my son and they are really the only medicines that I will give to him. This is why I believe in them in the Made to Matter project from Target. You can head on over here and check it out! 

What is your favorite Hyland product? 

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