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laser pegs

With astounding reviews all round, the already popular, new toy on the block, is the Runners Car by Laser Pegs. This company, Laser Pegs specialize in Lego-like toys, but far more advanced and entertaining. Their products are generally, constructible mini machines with motors and lights that can be assembled and modified with completely easy to understand instructions, aimed at children. These toys are the perfect match between fun and learning as your kids can learn to make real life motor designs and then test them out for themselves!

laser pegs

The Runners Car package contains:

• A runner power base – The base motor that you build upon to create your vehicle

• 24 construction pieces – the core building blocks to the runner’s car

• 2 Laser Pegs, – which are stackable construction pieces that have custom LED lighting

• An instruction manual – easy to read instructions to building the different varieties of car that is possible with this runner car pack.

It works by building motorized cars – starting by placing the Laser pegs and construction pieces in the power base. You can either follow the instructions to make 8 different unique vehicles such as the mini truck, micro tuner, and speed runner, or go freestyle and create your own car that will dominate the road. The fun doesn’t have to stop when all the pieces are used up, you can easily dismantle them and start again, or purchase some add-on packs and get as many new construction and LED pieces as you wish, and make something massive and amazing!


Once the vehicle has been constructed it is fully operable and can be raced around the house, outside, or anywhere there is a flat surface.

The powerbase is run on 3 AAA batteries which are not included, and has 4 different settings to choose from that can be adjusted on the underside of the powerbase; flash while in motion, illuminate while in motion, illuminate while still and the power off setting. The speed that the runner cars travel up is customizable from fast to slow, and has a tow bar that can connect to another Runners car to give them a ride!

Runner Cars are becoming extremely popular among kids, and it would be a no brainer decision to get one of these bundles of fun for your loved ones.

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