Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker at CVS! #HolidayGiftGuide


It is almost impossible these days to find a child who does not love Disney, and same goes for Disney’s mascot, good old Mickey Mouse. If you’ve ever been to Disney Land or Disney World you have likely had their trademark snack; Mickey Mouse Waffles. Were they the best waffles you ever had? A lot of people feel that away about them, and that is why the Disney Mickey Mouse 7 inch Waffle Maker is now the perfect gift to give this Holiday Season. Perfect for Parties, special events, and even just an after dinner snack. These visually impressive waffles are the perfect way to snack out with your Kids.

Mickey Mouse

This 7 inch waffle maker is completely non-stick to ensure tasty, soft waffles every time you run it. It has a power light and also a ready light (in the shape of Micky Mouse) that alerts you when your waffles have been cooked to perfection.

The waffle plate is designed in the shape of Mickeys face, and every cooked waffle will come out in the shape of your favorite Disney Character every time. The cover of the waffle maker features Mickey in his usual attire, with a red back ground. It has an easy grip handle for safely lifting the cover when it’s steaming.

The feet of the waffle maker has clever rubber grips to prevent any sliding that may occur when it’s in use and its cord is wrapped up safely, in all this is a safe machine to allow your kids to use, under strict supervision of course.


This is a great way of showing kids that cooking can be fun, and they will no doubt be surprised, intrigued and delighted when they see that Mickey Mouse waffle for the 1st time, and every other time after that! 

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