Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables Review and Giveaway!

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Making a birthday special is something to aim for every single year. Making treats seems to always be the way to someone’s heart because it takes creativity and time. You now have the option to create birthday themed cookies with the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables™ Birthday! The process is simple and so easy and your loved one will probably think that you slaved away for hours making these special day cookies just for them.

Mrs Fields Cookie Cuttables All that you need to do is make your favorite cookie dough, roll out the dough out so that it is bigger than the grid, then press the cookie cutter grid on top. There are no separate cutters for the different letters! They are all connected so that you get the most out of the dough with one simple press. I recommend using a spatula to put the cookies on the pan so you have less risk of breaking the cookies! Make sure you space them out on the pan enough that they won’t cook together like my Y did. But as I use this more I will get better!

Baking Mrs Fields Cookie Cuttables Mrs Fields Cookie Cuttables

 When you remove the grid there will be EIGHTEEN cookies! How simple is that? You will have two candles, two party hats, two balloons, and of course, the letters that you need to spell out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to the one you are celebrating. All you have to do now is bake, decorate, and then CELEBRATE!

Mrs Fields Cookie Cuttables)

One of my favorite parts is that you won’t have to worry about losing a letter or all the clutter of so many different cookie cutters. And the price is only $9.99, which is comparable if not cheaper than buying the individual cutters! How can you go wrong!

The Love Baking Company believes that there is nothing else to value higher then showing your loved ones that you care about them. I could not agree more. Something from the heart says a lot in the technology driven days that we live in now. Their company was created in order to make these inspiring moments able to become a reality. They want you to embrace these moments and make more to come. What you are able to express by cooking or baking for someone else is a different type of appreciation because you will cause a smile to form on their faces because of what you have taken the time to make for them. This company is one that will help your baking experience fill your heart and lives for a long time to come.  They now are partnered with the Mrs. Fields Company and with that history along with the Love Cooking Company’s dedication to you to be able to make a recipe that you will be proud of, you can not go wrong.

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Love Baking Company

No you see how it works, I bet you would like one to! Well it is your lucky day! You have the chance to win one for yourself! It is very easy to enter!You must be 18+ to enter! Good Luck! 



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