Muse The Brain Sensing Headband Contest!

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Do you have a father who is stressed? Are you still looking for a great Father’s Day gift? Have you checked out the Muse Headband


If your not sure what the Muse is, your not alone because I didn’t either! Muse is the mental equivalent of a treadmill, which helps you exercise your brain with focused attention training. It improves your attention by training you to become aware of your distractions quicker and react faster to regain focus on what you’re doing.

Studies show that the focused-attention and mindfulness exercises upon which Muse is based can cause the brain to change itself, making it more resistant to distractions. Muse makes this process more motivating, fun and efficient.


They are giving away 1 free Muse every other week until the end of the summer.

Enter to win a brain-sensing headband for meditation by using the hashtag #Muse4Golf and tag @choosemuse to be automatically entered to win.


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