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LivRelief is a pain cream that consists of over 90% natural ingredients and it provides pain relief right where it is needed. The founder of LivRelief is Dr. Joseph Gabriele, an Assistant Professor at MacMaster University. When Dr. Gabriele’s wife was in severe pain from having surgeries to remove tumors from her face, he decided that he needed to find a way to decrease her pain level since multiple medications were not helping.

He was contacted by a friend who had been experimenting with certain creams and Dr. Gabriele began to research specific ingredients that he eventually used in the LivRelief pain cream. After years of research and the decision to use more natural ingredients instead of chemicals, Dr. Gabriele began clinical trials which were deemed a success!

I have horrible pain in my back and I have tried everything to make it go away. I go to a chiropractor and that helps me manage most of my pain but my back is pretty messed up. I was told that sometime in the last three years I had fractured my spine. Since I am not ready to have surgery I have to find other ways to help it. Since I started using the LivRelief my pain is way more tolerable. I can play with my son more, I can work out now, I can ride my bike again. This cream gets in deep and helps the pain all the way through. I have to say that I love this cream! 


The two current LivRelief products are the pain relief cream and the ultra-strength nerve pain relief cream. The pain relief cream acts quickly to give relief to people with pain in their muscles and joints from arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. The ultra-strength nerve pain relief cream provides long lasting pain relief to those who have tingling, burning and shooting nerve pain. The pain relief from both of these creams will last for several hours without needing to be reapplied.

Besides providing immediate pain relief to the exact spot of the pain, LivRelief allows people to avoid all of the side effects of many oral medications. Imagine not having to worry about stomach upset, dizziness, heart problems or liver and kidney issues. All of these side effects are eliminated with the use of LivRelief. Plus, the oral medications do not work as quickly as the LivRelief, because it has to travel through the body after being swallowed before it can stop the pain.


Both the pain relief cream and the ultra-strength nerve pain relief cream are available on the LivRelief website, which makes it extremely easy for everyone to purchase them. Anyone who has been suffering from pain should go to the website and look at how this cream has enhanced the lives of many other people. Imagine being able to start living your life again without pain and suffering. It is possible with the help of LivRelief.


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