Playing with Color in Bedding Styles!

Bedding styles are unique as a person’s style of dress. Since most people spend approximately one third of their lives sleeping, it seems silly to neglect comfort and beauty in your intimate nesting place.

Keep the Colors Restful


Warm colors such as yellow, red and orange lend a room a sense of energy, which is fine for a home office or kitchen. These vibrant hues could wreak havoc on your slumber if they are not handled carefully.

A basic rule of thumb is to keep the bedroom’s palette calm and subdued. Traditional choices have been blues, greens and lavenders, but earthtonedneutrals have come into their own in the past couple of decades.

You can still use warmer colors as accents in small doses or in pastel shades.

Break the Color Rules

Keeping bedspreads and quilts in a quiet color scheme fosters a serene atmosphere in a bedroom, but that is no reason to nod off from sheer boredom. Companies such as BeddingStyle offer a wide range of sheets and pillowcases to add some excitement to your sleeping quarters.

A pale blue color scheme benefits from unexpected touches of color. Bed linens in shades of orange contrast nicely with serene blue, but do not overdo it. White linens with rust-colored dots or pinstripes will suffice.


Reverse this strategy by pairing an earthtone quilt or bedspread with teal blue linens. Brownish earthtones lie on the orange end of the color scale, so blue shades are their complement.

Strong Color Contrast

If you decide to use a complementary color scheme, you will be more successful if you use quieter shades of one color and more saturated tones of its complement. You want something eye-catching, not garish. This is the key.

A purple shade such as lavender or periwinkle is cool. Warm things up a little by adding complementary yellows in vivid shades. Small throw pillows or bed linens in shades of gold or goldenrod will make the pale purples pop without disturbing your sleep.

Have Fun

A slight miscalculation with color will not subject you to instant ridicule the way mismatched socks do. Only you will be looking at the results.


If your color scheme is slight off, soften the mistake by adding white coordinates. If you can separate the offending colors with a touch of white, all is forgiven. White fixes nearly everything.

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