Pumpkin Carving Tips for Kids


Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition perfect for people of all ages! But if you are planning on letting your little one help out with the pumpkin carving this year, there are some tips, tricks and notes that you should definitely take into consideration first. These tips will help make your pumpkin carving fun—and safe!

 Never let children use carving tools unsupervised

Do not let children use any pumpkin carving tools, such as knives or sharp objects, without adult supervision. It is very easy for children to misuse sharp objects, which can lead to cuts and other injuries. If you do let your children carve their own pumpkin, be sure that they are old enough to handle sharp objects and teach them how to use them WHILE supervising at the same time.

Use carving stencils
Carving can be tricky, even for adults! To help kids get the hang of carving out a face or design, use pre-made pumpkin carving stencils or make your own by tracing the design in marker or pen on the pumpkin before carving. This will make it easier to follow the lines with the pumpkin carving knife.

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Don’t limit yourself to carving

Instead of trying to carve out an entire design on a pumpkin, you and your child can combine very simple carving (such as a circle or eyes) with designs drawn on with markers or painted on with paint. Markers and paint make the perfect pumpkin decorating tools for younger children who aren’t capable of handling sharp knives yet. You can even decorate a pumpkin with stickers, glitter and other crafts!

Think big!

If you want to carve a pumpkin, look for larger sized pumpkins. Small pumpkins, although cute, are not ideal for carving. They are ideal for non-carved decorations, like stickers and paint, but leave the carving to the big ones!

 Avoid fire-hazards

Traditionally, real candles are stuck inside pumpkins to give them that Halloween glow. But candles can be a significant fire hazard—instead of using real flames, purchase LED candle lights for a safe pumpkin light that won’t put you or your family at risk.


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