How to Quit Smoking in 5 Easy Steps



 People usually make a mistake in thinking that quitting smokes is one step process. Yes, it can be in certain situations but this is a rare occasion. In fact, main reason why people cannot stop doing it is because they do not have a proper plan ahead of them. Instead of doing a severe cut, it is much better to go step by step.

 Each process serves a purpose and sets up the field. In that regard, each one of them is part of a bigger whole. If you follow the instructions up to a point and are disciplined, it will be much easier to quit smoking. There is no reason to go to extremes if you can do everything calmly and without much stress.

1. Find a reason for quitting in the first place

Smoking is a nasty habit and that is something that most smokers will agree upon. However, that doesn’t mean that every smoker will stop doing it. Regardless of this fact, smokers usually do not have a strong enough reason to quit. They don’t like the vice but that isn’t usually strong enough incentive. If you’re thinking of quitting, it is best to make a list of all the things that will go right if you do it. Think about your family and budget and what kind of a positive impact that will have on both of them. When you put it like that it makes it a much easier thing to swallow. 

2. Get prepared mentally and physically

There is another preparation step that you need to take before you stop. It is necessary to be in the right spot in your life. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’re feeling depressed, weak or unhealthy, quitting cigarettes will pose an additional burden. In fact, it might even deteriorate your current state as many people turn to cigarettes and nicotine as a way of dealing with daily stress. Make sure everything is going right for you before you decide to quit. Additionally, you need to consider your physical state. Like many vices, it is much better if you’re in a good shape. But when it comes to cigarettes there is another thing to be considered. As smokes affect your lungs, it will be very hard to manage both doing sports and smoking. You will probably have to choose between the two. So, if you get into shape and start training, your body will naturally start rebelling against smokes as a way of dealing with outside issue. 

3. Find a substitution 

If you wish, you can quit smoking slowly. For some people who were smoking for years and years, simply quitting cigarettes overnight can be a real burden. It can even affect their mood in a negative way making it easier to relapse. When you finally decide to stop smoking, it is better to do it gradually. For example, you should start by smoking smaller quantities. Instead of buying whole boxes in stores, start buying packs. By lesser quantities than you would usually. Make smokes less available. Another good thing you can do is start smoking electronic cigarettes. Have in mind that e-liquid will not affect your health in the same way as nicotine so this is instantly an improvement. 

4. Find a hobby

People who smoke have a habit of doing something with their hands or at least having something in their hands. This habit will probably remain even if you decide to quit. Unfortunately it is something that will constantly remind you of smokes and this increases odds of relapsing. As a way of countering this you should find a hobby that will engage your hands. Even simple things such as training rubber can provide a much needed solution. 

5. Clean your home

Home of a smoker is much more different from a regular home. First thing that is noticeable is heavy air. No matter how much you try to smoke outside curtains and other fabrics will always pick up some of this smell. Best way to start your process is by removing everything that associates you of smoking. Make sure to clean everything as you do not wish to be reminded of your previous addiction. 

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