Radio Flyer Cyclone! Your Kids Will Love This!


If you’re a parent, you’re totally going to want to check out this fabulous new outdoor toy – the Radio Flyer Cyclone!

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This thing is so cool, and my son was SO excited when he got the chance to try it out! We put it together as soon as it arrived, and this Mama is VERY happy that it was REALLY easy to put together! The directions were fantastic and very easy to understand. 

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This bike is really cool – you use your arms to make yourself go and to spin the cyclone around. My son can get going REALLY fast on this, and he tears around our dead-end street! In fact, when we first got it, he was zooming through my house on it!

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The Cyclone also is made so that you can also spin yourself in 360 degree circles! In fact, until my son got the hang of it – there is a bit of a learning curve since it’s so different from regular bikes – all he did was go in circles! But, despite the speed you can reach and the circles, it’s really safe! It has an ergonomic seat and a bar where your child can put his or her feet. The way it’s set up, it doesn’t tip over like a bike, and my son hasn’t fallen off at all!

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My son has a need for speed, so he loves how fast the Cyclone goes. As a mom, I love how sturdy and well made it is, and that it’s safe for my son to ride. And, I love that HE loves it! There’s nothing better to me than seeing my son have fun! I honestly can say that I wish they had this when I was a kid or that it had a higher weight limit because I would really love to ride this. It has a 69lb weight limit so he will be riding this for years! Its not one of those toys that he will grow out of very fast so the $59 price is well worth it. 

Want to see the Cyclone in action?  You can watch a video of kids riding it below. You’ll also be able to learn more about the bike’s features!

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