Recipe: Margarita Grilled Chicken


One of my husband’s favorite meals at Chili’s (the restaurant that we frequent the most) is the Margarita Grilled Chicken. It’s light and healthy, and he loves it.

I figured it couldn’t be too hard to recreate – I mean, margarita and chicken, right? Right. So, I picked up a bottle of margarita mix, marinated my chicken breasts in it for a couple of hours, and then my husband threw them on the George Foreman grill (since we didn’t feel like grilling outside). It only took about 10 minutes until they were ready. I’m all for quick and easy meals, and it doesn’t get much easier than marinating and grilling!

I served it on top of rice and black beans just how it’s served at Chili’s, and put some homemade pico de gallo on top. I may be a vegetarian, but it looked pretty darn good!

The verdict: my husband loved it, even more than the version served at Chili’s! Success!


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