Relieve Your Back Pain With the Cush Cushion!


The Cush Cushion is made by a company called Cush Comfort.  The guy who started the company developed a herniated disc from sitting for long periods of time at his desk or in his car.  He was in a lot of pain and he was only 26 years old!  He decided that he needed to find a solution so that he wouldn’t need to suffer any longer. 

All of us who sit down quite often at work or spend a lot of time driving our children here, there and everywhere else, need to thank him for his dedication to the cause.  Since he was so determined and persistent, we can now all sit comfortably and without pain for long periods of time!


The Cush Cushion is the product of all of his hard work.  The Cush Cushion actually eases pain immediately and it will help you figure out why you are in pain. 

The Cush Cushion is made from 100% high grade memory foam and doesn’t contain any fillers or chemicals.  The cover is made from washable velour fabric and there is a durable steel zipper, so that you can remove the cover easily for washing.  The nonslip material helps keep it in place on a chair or in your car, so that you are always sitting properly and not sliding around.


The Cush Cushion is designed and contoured to fit snuggly against your bottom and the main purpose of the cushion is to relieve the pressure on your spine.  The way it does this is by suspending the tailbone, so it is not pushed down and twisted.  You will notice that your posture will improve when you use this seat.

Imagine being able to work and drive comfortably and without pain!  This is all possible with the amazing Cush Cushion.


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