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Well Summer is almost here and I know a lot of you will be traveling. I always search the internet for the great deals and I can spend hours looking to find the best rate on hotel rooms. I can bet many of you do as well! Well I have found a site that will save us all a lot of time! 

4 is a brand new and awesome site that is going to help you save time and money! All you have to do is put in your destination and the dates you are traveling and they give you the best rate. I really like that when you do your search they are also listing the prices of their competitors. So you can really see that you are getting the best rate! This way you don’t have to take the time to search, all the information is in one place! 

4 prides themselves on saving you the most money. Their prices are not last minute deals they are EVERYDAY deals. You can save more money by booking your stay in advance instead of waiting till the last minute. You can save anywhere from 10-70 percent below the big travel deal sites! That is a pretty HUGE savings if you ask me. So if you have been holding off booking that vacation because hotel rooms are to expensive, the wait is over. Your travel can actually be affordable now! 

I was looking at hotels in Orlando, and you can stay in a hotel for around $49 a night, and you have around 4-5 different hotels to choose from. This way your not stuck with just one hotel. They give you a really huge selection. They have price ranges for all budgets. 

I am really excited about using this new site. There are so many places that I want to travel and I am just not sure where to start. The deals are endless.


They work really hard on making you happy and giving you the best experience possible. One of the main reasons for that is because they don’t spend as much on the advertising as their competitors. They rely on you to spread the word. They want you to tell all your friends what a great experience you had.

You really have nothing to lose by giving them a chance! And to make things even better you can get a $35 credit to use on their site by signing up and creating a free account today by clicking here! 

Make sure that you follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss a deal! 

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