Save Time and Money with Hannaford and Enter to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! #HannfordBTS16


Hannaford is offering a promotional deal for everyone between 8/10/16 and 8/23/16 and it is absolutely amazing! Anyone who is planning on doing back to school shopping, gift shopping, personal shopping or even holiday shopping will want to run to Hannaford during this promotional period and stock up on gift cards!

In case you’re looking for a gimmick, there isn’t one……It is really quite simple and here is what you need to do in order to qualify for this promotion:

1. Spend $50 or more on the following gift cards:

* Fandango

* Red Robin

* LL Bean

* Lowes

* Nike

* Burger King

* Xbox

* Petsmart

* Aeropostale

2. At checkout, you will receive a coupon for $10 off your next shopping order.

See, it really is that simple and you know what…….?

If you use a rewards credit card, you can SAVE even more!!!!


Certain credit cards have percentage cash back for every purchase you make within a grocery store. So, credit cards like Blue Cash Everyday by American Express and Blue Cash Preferred Card can save you even more when you take advantage of this promotional offer.

Here is an example using the 6% cash back you would receive if you use the Blue Cash Preferred Card:

1. Purchase $50 in participating gift cards

2. Receive a $10 off your next shopping order coupon at checkout

3. Receive $3 back with the 6% cash back

4. Your savings is a total of $13

That is a lot of money that you can save!

My best advice to you and everyone else is to run to your nearest Hannaford and buy some gift cards to save money on back to school items and gifts. Buy a gift card for yourself as well.

After all, you were the one who was smart enough to take advantage of this incredible offer, so you deserve something special too!

Now that you have saved your self some money off your next purchase! Make sure that you enter to win this awesome $100 Amazon Gift Card that they are giving away! 

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