Saving Money by Booking a Hotel Room in Downtown Las Vegas

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When you are contemplating where to stay on your next visit to Las Vegas, you need to consider the hotels that are located in the Downtown area of the city. Although the downtown area is not as large and popular as the area known as the Strip, there are several advantages to staying there. The following are three reasons to stay downtown.

The hotel rooms are cheaper
You can save a substantial amount of money by booking your room at a downtown hotel and casino. There are several hotels in the area, and they are in direct competition with each other. This keeps the cost of the rooms down, and because these hotels are not located near the Strip, they are lower in price than the larger hotels on the Strip.

Lower cost food and other amenities
The hotels downtown offer lower cost meals, including buffets. They want you to stay in the area and spend your time and money in the downtown area. There is also a great deal of entertainment in the area including a laser light show called the Fremont Experience. The entire downtown area has gone through recent renovation; much of it is brand new, even to the seasoned Las Vegas visitor.

You will save on transportation
The hotels downtown were built in a different era of hotel and casino design. They are not only smaller, but they are all within walking distance from each other. You can reach all of them on foot without much physical effort. This is much different than the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. These hotels are large and spread apart. Many visitors to the Strip for the first time do not understand that they need a means of transportation to travel up and down the Strip. The number of casinos you can visit on foot is limited.

You can still visit the Strip when staying downtown. There is a bus that starts in the middle of the hotel and casino area, and it will take you directly down the street to the Strip to visit all of the casinos in that area. A low cost, 24 hour pass is available.

When shopping for a room, las vegas hotels seem expensive at first glance, but you need only look at what is available downtown, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money can be saved by staying there versus the Strip.

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