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The warm, cozy, Christmas feeling is in full effect once again. Many people around the world decorate their homes for Christmas, to celebrate good times, family and health. Some people are extravagant with their Christmas directions, you know that one house in your neighborhood with 3 million types of snowman on their lawn? While that is over the top, there subtler ways to decorate. I received a set of Three Mini Wreaths to help with the decorations of my new home.

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 The Set of 3 Cordless Pre-Lit Mini Christmas Wreaths is from

 This set of three wreaths are beautifully decorated with 100 tips, a red bow, a red ribbon for hanging, and 20 LED lights.

The convenient red ribbon allows them to be placed anywhere imaginable with ease; the front of your door, coat hooks, or on the window.

The Pretty, warm glowing LED lights are completely cordless and can be placed anywhere you want. The timer allows for the lights to be on at scheduled times such as a dusk, to save money on electric and to only have them on when they’ll get seen.


Each Wreath measures 16 inches in diameter. Each one runs on a set of 3 AA batteries, which when programmed with the timer will likely last you all of Christmas, and maybe a bit of next year. I love that there are no cords to have to worry about. They are perfect for outdoor use if you wish, although they are not guaranteed to be waterproof.

These delightful modern Christmas wreaths are the perfect thing to give your home that Christmas spruce this year! Head on over and check out these wreaths and so many other amazing decorations at


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