Tips To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter!


It is very true that some houses have little or no insulation installed. With winter upon us again, things are about to get a whole lot chillier. If you have a badly insulated house simply just want to save some money on your electric bills, then check out these tips below on getting through the winter without freezing.

 Install Thick Curtains:

Most of the heat in your home escapes through the windows. During winter, curtains are a must!  A new set of Thick Curtains will insulate your window space efficiently, keeping your home’s heat inside. If you aren’t inclined to buy a new set of curtains for winter, you can line your current curtains with things such as fleeces, shower curtains, pvc plastic and more! Giving your curtains an extra layer will make a considerable difference in the overall temperature of your home.

thick curtains

Block Your Chimneys:

Chances are you might have a dormant chimney in your home. If they are not being used, there is no need to keep them open to let your warm air escape into the atmosphere. A “ Chimney Balloon ” can be purchased from most DIY stores for around $40. Chimney balloons are made from special laminate material.  You place it just inside the chimney, out of sight, and then pump it up until it fills up the space completely to cut off any air transfer!
Make sure that the balloon is taken out of the chimney before any fire is lit below it.

Locate and Block drafts:

Most homes are prone to a draft or two. If you want to keep warm and cosy this winter, locate the sources of any drafts and cut them off with.  For keyholes on exterior doors you can use some really strong tape like Duct Tape. For doors with drafts, the classic “sausage dog ” draft blocker works best, or a rolled up beach towel can suffice.

draft protector

 Close Doors Of Unused Rooms

There is no point wasting your heat in rooms that don’t even get used. Fully shut the doors in your spare bedrooms, extra bathrooms etc.. to prevent air sneaking into them and getting wasted. For extra effect, seal the doors with tape until you need to go in them again.

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