Tips on How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling!

One of the biggest problem many people face when traveling is they do not get a sound night’s sleep. This was especially problematic for me, having to conduct business on the road, I would find myself waking up tired unable to focus on my daily tasks. Luckily, I was able to discover some tips on how to have a good sleep while traveling that really made a difference. These tips are perfect for the traveling business person or the family hitting the road on a vacation.

Eliminating Those Distractions


The truth of the matter is that in any hotel, you are going to have people who simply have little consideration for others nearby. Thin walls, loud neighbors, or a busy hotel staff, plenty of noise to keep you wide awake in your hotel bed at night. Forget about trying to control the people or noises around you, instead you can distract those sounds with a small white noise device. I found a great little noise machine that simulated waves crashing on the beach and placed it on the nightstand to play all night. It is amazing how easily it drowns out all the other bumps in the night.

Making Bedtime More Comfortable

While you can’t bring your mattress with you while traveling, you definitely can bring your pillow. The hotel pillow is used by hundreds of guests each year, and not only it is dirty, it can be difficult to sleep on. I simply grab my pillow and either throw in the back on the car or in a small suitcase. After a long day away from home, once my head hits that pillow, it reminds me of how great I sleep when home. I have little trouble drifting off to sleep on my very own pillow.


Getting in Sleep When You Can

While traveling, I would take any opportunity I could to get some quality sleep. This often meant hitting the bed in the middle of the afternoon while the family was shopping or when I had an early release from a business seminar. The problem is it can be a challenge to get peace during the afternoon. I found that a set of good quality ear buds and a sleep eye-shade work amazingly at creating a dark and peaceful sleeping atmosphere. No longer did I hear the maid next door vacuuming or those screaming kids at the pool.

These tips on how to have a good sleep while traveling work in a hotel room or even on a plane during a long flight. The key is to create a small little space that you can control the sounds, then just fall back and relax.


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