Tipster Review! #HolidayGiftGuide


Tipster is the perfect robot toy for young children! There are 5 different play modes to give your child hours of play time!

Tippy Tunes

Stack as many items as you can on Tipster before the music stops!

 Dizzy Builder

Try your hand building on Tipster as it spins around and counts down from 10!


Tipster Takedown

Put the items Tipster asks for on its tray, and then use your remote control to move the robot around until everything falls off!

 Tipster Trix

Tipster can do some tricks! Put him on his roboboard and watch balance! Your goal? To see if you can make him tip and fall off!

 Free Play

Let your little one do what he or she wants with Tipster! From driving Tipster around with his remote control to building, your child will be entertained for hours with his or her robot friend! My son loves this! It is very easy to use! He would be a great gift this Holiday Season! 

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